Peace and Prosperity during the war on common decency

Peace and prosperity are my primary goals every day. During the positive growth of the Obama administration it would make sense that many of us could hope for peace and prosperity even it we were not yet achieving it. We knew that as long as positive changes were being made, we could do so on our own at a personal level.

Many of us do not share the views of the current administration. We are angry because the most egregious person of in the world has seized control of our homeland. Many of us cannot imagine how we will live under the rule of a man as horrible as Hitler. I do not recall such an open resentment towards a president and his administration in my lifetime. I am happy to see that many of us are not going to accept the new administration, but rather object to it as long as we have to. Its like staying warm without a jacket.

We are at war. The enemy is not another country or another religion, but it is our own government. We are standing up and saying we are not going to accept this kind of archaic rule in our government. I am so proud to be part of a community that is planning a National Pride March on Washington. I will be there if humanly possible. It is something that I have to do.