Journey through the Universe

My journey through the Universe is everything a lifetime can bring. My journey continues with or without my consciousness-Keeping my mind, eyes and ears open will allow me to stay conscious. I will align my thoughts with everything my body feels and welcome all the sensations that come my way as I approach my next […]

World War III- Rise

I have heard talk of World War III It is a long time coming. The third world war will be different than wars in the past. The people will rise up and take a stand against the governments of the world. We will no longer be pawns that exist only to serve the 1%. We […]

Peace and Prosperity during the war on common decency

Peace and prosperity are my primary goals every day. During the positive growth of the Obama administration it would make sense that many of us could hope for peace and prosperity even it we were not yet achieving it. We knew that as long as positive changes were being made, we could do so on […]

Most important thing in a functional society is a well-informed public

As John Oliver correctly pointed out Sunday night, folks are being fed what they want to hear and they’re eating it up like a starving person. The most important thing in a functional society is a well-informed public. What we have now is not only uninformed but misinformed masses. That’s something that should scare […]

our own truth

When will be our next National Day of Reason?

Awakening Reason is a forum for new ideas that are coming forth as a result of the new wave of spiritual evolution. We are realizing that we are responsible for our opinions. We must seek out our own truth through verification of actual facts. We […]

Over 50 killed by ISIS Terrorist at Orlando Gay Club

Orlando shootings


Orlando ISIS Attack-An American-born man who’d pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 50 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando — the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation’s worst terror attack since 911, authorities said.

* The gunman, Omar Mateen, 29, of Fort […]

The hard as it may be to take

The Truth about Donald Trump and the Republican Party

Donald Trump and I have something in common: When right-wing radio host Hugh Hewitt asked the GOP front-runner about America’s nuclear triad at Tuesday night’s debate, neither of us had heard that phrase before.

But Donald Trump is running for president, and I’m not.

There’s another […]

Abobe Creative Cloud becoming a device of time theft


Abobe Creative Cloud

is becoming a product that works just like a virus. You install it. It works great. Then you install the new version (CC 2015). That is where the fun begins. Now we have all kinds of malfunctions that are impossible to troubleshoot, but the techs still waist 30 minutes […]

Password Protection-protect us from providers!

Passwords should be something that you can remember. Current rules of password protection make requirements that make it difficult if not impossible to remember them all. Every site has different rules of password protection, so we can’t use the same password on all of my sites. I used to be able to get into all […]

Campaign Contributions

campaign contributions

Campaign contributions are nothing more than bribes to get laws passed in favor of the highest bidder. That is why the people lose every time. We can’t compete with corporations. This is a great video on how campaign contributions are used.

The framers of our Constitution gave us a republic. They meant by that a […]