Abobe Creative Cloud becoming a device of time theft


Abobe Creative Cloud

is becoming a product that works just like a virus. You install it. It works great. Then you install the new version (CC 2015). That is where the fun begins. Now we have all kinds of malfunctions that are impossible to troubleshoot, but the techs still waist 30 minutes of your time just to tell you that you need to do a clean install. Simple process-you must uninstall all of your adobe products. It took me 15 minutes that I could not bill out. After that, you still have to delete a considerable list of registry files, hoping that this does not cause a major malfunction to your computer.

Then you have to install all your software again.

Adobe Creative Cloud

is a reasonably efficient product for a reasonable price. But not if it take up most of your day from time to time to fix the bugs that should have been fixed in house before distribution.

I was not successful contacting Adobe. As far as I know there is no email address to send such concerns.

I wrote to David Bleckner, an Adobe expert:

I respect your enthusiasm for Adobe products. They compose the support for what I love to do best-animation. I have been doing other work to and I must admit that since the upgrade, there have been some glitches.
I first realized this when I called support because I had questions about creating apps with InDesign. Seems I didn’t have all the tools that the tutorial was talking about. I was told I had to have a special account for that. Unacceptable. I spent months preparing for a product that I was unable to publish because by the time I was ready the rules had changed and I could not publish it without major revisions.
I tried to render a motion graphic recently and media encoder would not open. When I tried to export the file manually I got an error message. (If Adobe would make the message simple like, ‘#45 can’t connect to software’, then we could be clear about telling people like you how to help us. Leave out all the language that many of us do not understand, doesn’t that make sense?
I finally after several months, I had time to call customer support. After the usual 15 minutes of questions that they should have in their data base, spelling my name 5 times in order to get it right, and telling them, yes, I do have an active account!’, I explained my problem. After a half hour of what I believe was ‘guessing’, I was told that I had to do a clean install, and that I had to do it myself-here are the instructions, have a nice day.
So far I have not asked you a question. I have merely been telling you the truth about my experience with the 2015 upgrade. Here it is, the million dollar question. How can I justify Adobe as a quality product when they are clearly more interested in coming out with a new version of the software, rather than producing a quality product that works?
I think that most companies would comp customers a month or two after such a hassle as an apology for their mistakes which led to our loss of time and therefore income. Who do I contact about that?

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