Government Taken Hostage

The is one thing that must be made absolutely clear. What is happening today is not about a disagreement between opposing political parties. It is not about our leaders standing up do defend our interests. It is not because the Republicans think Obamacare will fail.

The government has been taken hostage because the Obamacare is a successful solution to the healthcare challenges we face. In other words it will define the presidency.

The Republicans are terrified that Obamacare will revolutionize healthcare and give a large number of people the empowerment they need to stand up and be heard in 2014. Their transparent efforts compare it to slavery and call it evil. Their outspoken platform against it is unprecedented. Why are they so upset about a relatively small budgetary accommodation? It would only take a small dent out of our over inflated military budget-a large part of which goes into the pockets of many Republicans and their constituents as profits of the defense industry.

Obamacare will make the president a hero. It is a major step towards the empowerment of the poor and middle class. This movement is the anthem of Awakening Reason

Government Taken Hostage

The agenda is clear. The Republicans will hold the American People hostage until December, when the President will have no choice but to concede due to the imminent collapse of what little economic stability that we now have. I hope for a better solution.

Please speak up. The implications of this absolute abomination to democracy are great. Start writing to your Congressmen-especially if they are Republican. Step up or we may soon be stepped on.

For the truth, check out The Huffington Post

Government taken hostage

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