Awakening reason is the day we empower a government for the people and by the people.

Awakening Reason is the dawning of a new era in our society. It is the day we empower a government for the people and by the people. The government will stop overspending, the rich will pay their fair share, and there will be no more lobbyism, bribery and backroom deals. Laws will be clear and protect the people. We will go back to banking and corporate regulation.

Awakening Reason is what happens when the people are informed with facts. It is what happens when we tell our representatives what we want and they act on our behalf. Awakening reason is when we sanction the government for all of its actions.

Awakening Reason is a phenomenon that has been growing in our society in recent years. It has always been around, but it has struggled to find its voice. Today, Awakening Reason has a voice. It is getting stronger. It is your voice. It is my voice. It is the voice of American citizens who are realizing that the government is not protecting the best interests of the people. We are the people, not the corporations, not big business and definitely not hate groups.

Americans are becoming informed.
This is Awakening Reason.

our government needs to change

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